HD Media Press

A Unique, Independent Publishing and Media Corporation

Our Mission is to Bring Great Works to You, by All Means Possible.

HD Media Press Inc. is the brainchild of an assortment of dynamic individuals who’ve joined forces to create a new publishing model designed for the changing publishing and film industries.  We are small but mighty women-run press. We are steadily building our list, and our publications are of the highest quality, the work stellar, and our presentations creative and professional. We work with wholesalers, retailers and distributors using industry standard terms. HD Media Press forges connections with authors, readers, booksellers and filmmakers to their audiences by marketing our titles and films through ground-breaking, creative social media and optimized in-person events. We craft the new while building on the traditional.

HD Media Press:

  • works with both large and small retailers and wholesalers.
  • uses the latest technologies to bring you the best possible products and give you the best possible service.
  • is not a subsidy publisher or an author collaborative. We do not accept payment for publishing books or producing films.
  • We seek out new talent. For more of what HD Media Press can and cannot do for new artists, see our “About” page.
  • We guide our artists through the editing and publication process, offering support,encouragement,
    and valuable marketing skills, social media strategy, and creation of new marketing content and retail promotions.
  • In cooperation with the artist, we promote all of our titles energetically.
  • is dedicated to the memory of H.D. (Hilda Doolittle, American poet, novelist, memoirist, and a woman before her time. 1886 – 1961)

HD Media Press is a proud member of: