Harlot’s Sauce



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 by Patricia V. Davis



 About the Book

When Patricia, the Italian-American, meets Gregori, the “gorgeous” Greek, her Sicilian-born father takes spectacularly extreme measures to try and stop her from marrying him. This is just one of many wrong reasons why Patricia is all the more determined to do so. She even moves with Gregori to Greece, where he insists he must be in order to be happy. Once there, she discovers that though she might not save her marriage, she just might save herself. With vivid descriptions of life in beautiful, modern-day Greece, this memoir is both a tasty treat and an exhilarating sail on the Hellenic seas though xenophobia, dysfunctional family units, religious ravings, obsessive protocols, political disorder, European football, and fabulous food.As the Italians say, Buon Appetito! (Good Appetite!) As the Greeks say, Kalo Taxidi! (Good Voyage!)

Patricia Photo Shoot 20148Croppedfor facebookAbout the Author
Patricia V. Davis is the author of the bestselling  Harlot’s Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss and Greece, and The Diva Doctrine: 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know.  Her first published fiction, “Chopin, Fiendishly” appears in Tales From the House Band: Volume I.   Patricia holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Education, and is the founder of The Women’s PowerStrategy Conference. www.patriciaVdavis.com


Praise for Harlot’s Sauce

“…Delicious…”~ Marin Independent Journal

Harlot’s Sauce teems with terrific supporting players and the kind of crisp details which make the narrative pop off the page.”
 ~ Christian Toto, Donne Tempo

“She became the girlfriend you cheer on, cry with, and just plain enjoy. She’s brave, she’s very funny, and she’s written what is destined to become a best seller.”
~ Patti Heisser, 

“Witty, human, readable…”
~ bitchbuzz.com

“A rich, colorful tale. I laughed out loud.”
~Barbara Gates, author of 
Already Home.

“A compulsively readable, cross-cultural memoir…Patricia Volonakis Davis has written a candid story that is both hilarious and heartbreaking, about a woman who discovers who she is and her true potential.”
~Wendy Nelson Tokunaga, author of 
Love in Translation and Midori by Moonlight

“An Under the Tuscan Sun meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding!”
~ Josephine O’Neil

“Oh, those Greeks. They brought us The Fates, but they met their match in a American Patricia V. Davis.She faced a destiny expected of so many women, but had the courage to discover her own path.Harlot’s Sauce is an entertaining and ultimately uplifting story of family,friends and feta, that countless readers will surely love and see themselves in. We don’t all need to travel halfway around the world to Greece to find ourselves, but you’ll be glad Patricia did.”
~ Kemble Scott, bestselling author of
 SoMa and The Sower