Remember Plato?

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About the film

A young couple become fixated on the lonely man across the street, unaware that their preoccupation with him is masking deeper issues. IMDB 

Director, Writer: Andreas Blair

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L.A. Blair
Andrew Callaway


Tracks from Los Angeles’ Rare Times: Watched Over, The Dream Is Alive
Oakland’s Tumbleweed Wanderers: Tired of Wandering
San Francisco’s James Kisau: Not What I Wanted


Andreas Blair stencil headshot HDAbout the Artist

Andreas Blair is a native Northern Californian filmmaker. He studied film directing and screenwriting at City College of San Francisco. An artist foremost, he incorporates illustration into paper animations. He is based in Los Angeles, California, and is in pre-production on an adaptive drama highlighting a vernal Vincent van Gogh. As an actor he is known for his work on Garden of Carnivorous Plants (2014), Twelve Steppers (2010) and Keep My Address to Yourself (2010). Remember Plato?  is his directorial debut.