Spells and Oregano: Book II in The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy



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by Patricia V. Davis






About the Book

A mother desperate to save her twin sons, a war veteran in torment, a beautiful young psychic with a terrible secret, a powerful magician with a shattered soul, and a Queen steeped in history and glory. These extraordinary beings cross paths and set off a remarkable chain of events in Spells and Oregano: Book II in The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy.

Overcome by despair after a trauma when she was sixteen, Sarita Taylor has spent the past ten years isolated and lonely aboard her beloved RMS Queen Mary. Fearful of outsiders, she dedicates her time to managing The Secret Spice Café, now an award-winning restaurant. Until Luca Miceli, a man with a dark past, steps on board.

Patricia V. Davis deftly spins past and present, mystery and magic, into a potent story of passionate longing and family tragedy all at once. Spells and Oregano is a compelling tale of atonement, devotion, and undying love, set aboard one of the world’s most magnificent, haunted ships.

The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy is an Official Pulpwood Queens Book Club Selection. Don’t miss Cooking for Ghosts: Book I. 


“Patricia V. Davis captures the essence of grand magic in this haunting novel.” – David Copperfield

“Davis again paints a vibrant and suspenseful world of captivating characters — both living and dead — and all with a heartfelt undertow of genuine emotion that grounds the paranormal and supernatural elements and blends them smoothly into her vivid and believable universe. The stakes feel even higher in this second outing as the denizens of The Secret Spice Cafe juggle their personal and romantic relationships, ghosts, a very real, vengeful, and maniacal psychopath, magicians, sorcery, a bit of voodoo, otherworldly abilities, culinary skills, and a healthy dollop of good old fashioned love and lust. I’m utterly charmed by this series, and eagerly awaiting the next installment.”
Mark. B. Perry, Emmy-Award Winning Writer, Producer

“Smart and sassy ─ great for fans of Liane Moriarty.” ─ Marsha Toy Engstrom, Book Club Cheerleader

So imaginative and so much fun, you won’t want to put it down. I love a good ghost story, but a ghost story that has more than thrills within its pages makes a very rich ghost story, indeed. ─ Ann Garvin, USA Today bestselling author

“Spicy, mercurial, edgy. The supernatural elements permeating the plot dish up a wicked blend of romance and a dash of humor that keeps the story line involving and fun, and readers on their toes and guessing. Highly-recommended.” ─ Midwest Book Review


About the Author

Patricia V. Davis is the author of Cooking for Ghosts: Book I in The Secret Spice Trilogy, Harlot’s Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss and Greece, and The Diva Doctrine: 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know.  Her first published fiction, “Chopin, Fiendishly” appears in Tales From the House Band: Volume I. Patricia holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Education, and is the founder of The Women’s PowerStrategy Conference. www.patriciaVdavis.com